How to release Guilt and Shame and live your life to the full – English Webinar

Do you feel you’re wrong?
Are you told you’re wrong?
Are you tired of making mistakes?
Are you tired of being told you’re wrong?
You keep trying to do things well and they don’t come out as you expect or they come out a bit rarely.
You keep trying to live up to the expectations of others: parents, partner, teacher, boss and you do not succeed.
Do you feel disappointed in yourself and disturbed by the opinion of others?
Do you feel guilty?
Are you tired of feeling guilty?
Are you ashamed?
Do you feel small, insignificant and unworthy?
Does it seem to you that you don’t deserve anything good and that you can’t do too much?
And yet, would you like to get out of this mess?
How to release Guilt and Shame in order to live fully?
A FREE online webinar – with experiential practice
Wednesday, July 14th, 7.00 PM



  • We understand how we got into this situation
  • We clarify the subconscious mechanisms of guilt and shame
  • We are learning to recognize these conditions
  • We learn a simple method of “dissolving” these blocking emotional states
  • We are re-learning to live more fully, to enjoy life

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